How We Work

  • BOOK AN INITIAL CONSULTATION and we will spend some time with you to fully understand your business, to discuss your requirements, and ascertain how Finite Consulting can help you achieve your goals. We will ensure that our visions are aligned and that we have total clarity on your needs.

  • Quotation/Proposal – Following the initial consultation we will prepare a proposal outlining the costs of the services and detailing what is included within that, including proposed timelines. We may offer various options and levels of service, depending on the type of service required. In effect, the strategy is created.

  • Once the proposal is accepted, we will deliver your requirements, and this may require us to reattend your business premises on various occasions to ensure that all aspects are considered. The strategy will be delivered.

  • Once the project is delivered, we would reconvene to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the delivery.

  • Then, if required, we would be available for continuous improvement and be a constant support function to your organisation. What we thrive on is feeling like part of your team when we become imbedded within organisations whilst delivering projects. We would love to continue to assist in any aspect that we can.

Continuous Improvement

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Project Completion